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Car Accidents

Dallas Car Accidents Lawyer

Dallas Car Accident Attorney

The streets and highways in and around Dallas are heavily congested. The traffic seems to be getting worse every day. These conditions mean that drivers have to be especially mindful of following the appropriate safety precautions. Busy roads are never an excuse for negligence. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident caused by the carelessness of another driver, the Franklin Law Firm can help.

The experience to get you the results you deserve

We offer free consultations in all personal injury and wrongful death cases. E-mail us or call us at 214-948-6464. No fee unless we get results. Tenemos personal que habla español.

The Franklin Law Firm is available to handle auto accident cases for people in Dallas and the surrounding parts of North Texas. We have the experience to get results. Attorney Jason Franklin has spent many years dealing with car wreck cases. We know the insurance companies on the opposing side. We know how each one treats these cases. We know their tactics. This knowledge allows us to carefully construct a legal strategy with the strength to get results.

That strength starts with the understanding that all car accident cases should be prepared to go to trial. We believe that the only way to maximize the value of a case is to build it to withstand argument in front of a judge and jury. We believe that this puts us in the strongest position for an efficient and effective negotiated settlement because it demonstrates to the other side that we mean business.

We can handle car accidents and all related motor vehicle accidents, including:

Our concern stretches beyond just getting you the compensation you need to cover the costs caused by a car crash injury. We are also committed to helping you in every way. We are happy to coordinate between your health insurance company and health care providers. We want to help you get better.

E-mail us or call us at 214-948-6464 to find out how an experienced car accident lawyer can help you.

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Auto Accidents
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